The Right Birth On The Day 

Would you agree with me that it would be great, while you prepare for your baby's birth,  that your feelings, you as a unique individual and decisions that you have made already about what type of birth you will be having, be taken into account ? 


Would you like to prepare for your birth in alignment with your special circumstances of your pregnancy ?


Would you agree that custom-made birth preparation would be ideal for you and really zone in to what you really want to be absorbing in learning,  instead of coming out from your antenatal classes feeling like you are not at all prepared to confidently have your baby?


Perhaps you have found out that you are pregnant with twins and would like to have birthing preparation unique for your multiple birth ? 


Possibly you have a previous c-section and have made the choice to go for a VBAC (Vaginal birth After C-Section) this time around, and would like classes to prepare for this? 


Potentially you have made the decision to plan a Cesarean Section for your baby's birth or because of circumstances this is the right birth for you on the day and you therefore would like to have unique birthing preparation for your baby's birth? 


Maybe you have found out later on in pregnancy that your baby is breech, and would like the option for a hypnosis breech turn session or a breech birth session ? 


Perhaps, when you are close to or past your estimated due date, you find that you are facing an induction of labour , would you find a session to help get labour started naturally and also a session to help you prepare for the medical induction, really useful?


Possibly you have heard about a Lotus birth and have no idea how to prepare for this type of birth?

What if I told you that there is unique and tailor-made birthing preparation especially for your individual pregnancy and birthing needs?


The Wise Hippo Ltd in the UK have cleverly designed  custom-made classes , tailor made and unique, to really ensure for you and your baby "The Right Birth On The Day" . 


Prepare for your Twin or Multiple Birth here 

Prepare for a VBAC here 

Prepare for your Confident C-Section here

Book in a hypnosis Breech turn session or prepare for your Breech birth here 

Book a session to help labour get started naturally or prepare for an Induction of Labour here 

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