10 Top Tips for Partners To Be Partners in Pregnancy

Would you agree that the way you and your partner interact with each other in pregnancy can be really smooth if there are certain things in place to ensure that happens?

Would you agree that if there are certain things NOT in place during a pregnancy between a partner and the mom to be , then this can lead to a very bumpy pregnancy road ahead?

So, perhaps, it's best to look at what some of those things are that can enhance a couple's relationship and bring closeness and set a solid foundation for parenting togetherness ?

1. Communicate all feelings no matter how you feel your partner may interpret them , you will feel heard and not bottle it all up inside to burst out with fury later like a pressure cooker gone wrong.

2. What can I do for my partner to make them more comfortable? Think of giving to the other just for the sake of giving not for receiving back.

3. Date night is an important part of reconnecting. Once a week or once every 2 weeks touching base just the 2 of you , without household chores surrounding you and work , very important to ensure phones on not only silent mode , power off is best!

4. Prepare together for birthing confidence by attending classes and having fun and gaining knowledge and becoming empowered while doing so , this will bring you much to communicate on and bring up much rewarding considerations for the present and future

5. Reviewing the classes together and explore feelings on knowledge learned and how you want your birth and parenting to look is very important because how will your caregivers know what you want if you don't know what you want and tell them and how will your partner know how you feel on certain decisions if uou don't take the time to explore it all ?

6. Getting up for the loo for a mom-to-be can be part of her nightly schedule and not just once but often twice or three times. She therefore must make sure to take a nap, even a 30 minute one, in the afternoon and remember her body is growing a baby so she will be tired , and being tired is not fun at all for both of you , so a partner's encouragement to rest can make such a difference.

7. You are what you eat , so encourage your partner to eat properly, as vitamin rich foods and other right foods will enable them to think clearly and not feel bogged down and heavy and sluggish, this also goes for the partner to self-care with proper food.

8. Go on and meet a few doulas and then hire a doula . A doula will go through birthing options with you both and be there as a support during your pregnancy , continuous through labour and birth and postnatal support too. Her worth is invaluable and she is not there to take over the partner's role but to encourage it and nurture the birthing space and follow your lead , maintaining her professionalism and non judgemental supportive role.

9. Respect is paramount in any successful partnership and especially in one so important as this . Place respect in your uppermost part of your mind. Never raise voice or use foul language with your partner. It uglies your mouth and reflects badly on you along with harming a person you care so much about emotionally and psychologically.

10. Bursting out singing a mutually favourite song. Yes, singing along with your partner and thereby you both get a pick me up of emotions , is a simple tool to connect with each other and feel good in each others company whenever you want.

These are my favourite tips and would you agree that they truly can make a huge difference to a smooth ride in pregnancy ?

Can you maybe think of any I have left out, or perhaps you are thinking that the ones I have listed need more attention and discussion?

I would love to hear your thoughts , so comment below !

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