What's with the Pearl theme for my Blog?

I cannot believe that I am finally getting around to doing this blogging thing! Have you done this blogging thing ?

When lying in bed before falling asleep and head churning, how to present my blog to all those mamas out there, I felt that I really HAVE TO use the word Mama as a title for the blog as this is what I am myself: a strong and proud wife, Mama, doula and antenatal educator. Yes , I am blessed.

Now moving on ... no point getting all mushy here...!

Why the pearls theme when my website and business is called Birth Blossoms ?

Blossoms have that gentle pearly pinkish , cream-ish colour that really is so gentle and hey, they are in colour very similar to those classic Mother of Pearl colours aren't they? Mama of Pearls ... Mama Pearls was born !

Would you agree with me that a pearl starts off from a tiny grain of sand and then is formed within an oyster, so too a baby starts off from something so minute and grows from conception in a woman's womb to become a beautiful baby?

Would you agree that mamas-to-be nurture and nourish their precious packages within them until they are ready to be born often covered in pearly white vernix ?

And would you agree that the formation of a baby within a woman (and sometimes 2 or more with multiple pregnancies) is something awesome that really takes one's breath away as it's magnitude is nothing short of miraculous? And the awe that a mama feels in the moments after birth when she (and her partner) stare at the attention to detail of this splendid creation ? Oh and did I mention how absolutely yum that baby smells - olfactory senses heightened !!

Pearls have been born in this blog of beginnings!

I intend to use this blog to capture my thoughts and provide you as budding (blossoming) new parents with much useful literature.

Before I sign off , another reason I love the pearl must be because I am born in the month of June. Have you figured it out yet? The gem for June is the lovely Pearl !

Today what I ask of you is to look around you and see and be grateful for the small sometimes un-noticed treasures around you which may be tiny as a Blossoming Pearl and staring you right in the face!



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