Relax , Breathe and Birth Session

Would you agree with me that as a pregnant woman building your confidence for your upcoming birth is an essential ?


And potentially, you are feeling not as confident as you would like to be feeling ?

What if I told you that it doesn't have to be this way at all?


Book onto The Wise Hippo Introductory Session " Relax, breathe and Birth" which will build your confidence for birth with some great tools to use practically and some insight into how your body works to birth your baby !

The ‘Relax, Breathe and Birth’ session is a 2 hour class designed to provide relaxation tools for birth.

The session has been written as an introduction to the full Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, but if you only feel able to commit to this shorter session for whatever reason, it will provide some very useful breathing techniques, to help keep you calm and relaxed during your labour.

During this class you will learn why it is so important to focus positively on birth and how practising two simple breathing techniques can support your body in working at its most effective during labour.

Class Outline

  • Why do we need to learn how to birth?

  • Fear and negativity surrounding birth.

  • The physiology of birth.

  • How to birth confidently.

  • How the negative lessons were learnt.

  • Ensuring that your mind is supporting your body.

  • Becoming an expert in relaxation – your tools for labour.

  • Waves of Relaxation to be used during surges (contractions).

  • 54321 relax breaths to be used between the surges (taught via The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme’s enjoyable ‘Bond and Breathe’ * hypnosis session).

  • Summarising what you have learnt.

  • The Full Wise Hippo experience.

*You will have the opportunity after class to purchase, via a link which I will give you, the Bond and Breathe session used during this class as a downloadable mp3 for £12 from The Wise Hippo website which is for your personal use as a great relaxation tool.

R437 per couple in group session.

R737 per couple in private session.

Booking Essential.

2 hour Session. Limited space.

Sydenham, Johannesburg