The Prenatal Parenting Programme

Would you agree that connecting with your emotions in early pregnancy would be super useful and cause a much less bumpy ride ahead ? 

Would you agree that along with happiness and excitement pregnancy can bring with it some fears too?

How can I feel connected with those around me and myself in my pregnancy when inside myself perhaps I am feeling so turbulent and so much disconnect ?

Unfortunately though many moms-to-be don’t always share their concerns, because they are afraid that they are going to sound silly for worrying too much.

Their partners often don’t share their deepest concerns either, as they don’t want to cause worry. Some also feel that it is not their place to have fears - after all they are not the ones having to carry and give birth to the baby.

A lot of moms-to-be are also worried, about whether any 'upsets' that they might encounter during pregnancy could impact on their baby, and it doesn’t help that there is a lot of conflicting information out there about whether that is true.

And here’s the thing…

This means that at a time when a woman and her partner want to feel the most connected to each other and their baby, that unfortunately there may be some things inadvertently causing a disconnect emotionally instead.

Which is why The Wise Hippo Prenatal Parenting Programme starts at 16 to 26 weeks , much earlier than traditional antenatal education .

And the main focus of this programme  is how pregnant parents-to-be CONNECT with their own feelings, and each other, about their bump, birth and baby journey.

Wise Hippo clients who have already experienced this session, are sharing that what they learnt has helped them to CONNECT much more closely with each other, about what they want for their pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey.

Mum’s have shared that they feel connected to their baby at a deeper level, and their partner’s have shared that they feel much more a part of the pregnancy having attended this session.

The learnings from this session lay a great foundation upon which parents-to-be can start thinking about their baby’s birth and planning for early parenting.


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R597 per couple in a class setting*.

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3 hour Session. Limited space.

Sydenham, Johannesburg

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* Private class price is R997