Client Testimonials


"It was my first baby and I wanted to feel prepared and supported. My expectation was for her to calm me down. I knew Rachael and  liked her calm South African nature. Before going on call for my birth , we discussed all I wanted for the birth, clarifying much for me and she lent me books.

During labour I squeezed her hand for 30 hours. AMAZING. She massaged my lower back , was encouraging and supportive.

Immediately after giving birth she was there with us – a positive presence. In the immediate postnatal period she came to visit, and we spoke on the phone. We debriefed the birth which was really really useful.

She is calm and relaxed and a trusted personality. Her knowledge was really helpful.

I feel grateful to her. It was a pivotal experience."


- Melissa Grossman , Doula client , name and quote used with permission


"We met twice and talked a lot. She lent me books and source material. There were many text messages back and forth and lots of reassurance. She listened to me and completely took her cues from me. I never had to tell her to go away, she never did anything inappropriate, she was just there with exactly what I needed .

When my daughter was born it was very dramatic and there was the crash team looking after the baby . Rachael kept an amazing sense of calm. It was a real pleasure having her there at such a special time. 

In the immediate postnatal period there was amazing support – over and above what she was contracted to do. She is a doula with instinct, pro-active and loving. If I had a doula again I would only want Rachael. She is excellent in every way. If she didn’t know something she would find the answer. She was empathetic and sensitive and lovely. My husband was very happy with her services. "


- Lisa Levene , Doula client , name and quote used with permission


"I was introduced to hypnobirthing by learning the Wise Hippo method. I was lucky enough to have Rachael Glass as my instructor. Her passion, big smile and relaxed manner really put me at ease. I found the course to be well designed and interesting. It was great that they always include the partner and specify ways he can get involved. The Wise Hippo course gave me the tools and most importantly, the confidence, to look forward to my baby’s birth. It completely changed my attitude. So much so, that on starting I had said I found birth scary and out of control, and by the end of the course with Rachael, I said I was excited and couldn’t wait for the birth!

And the real proof is that I gave birth to my daughter naturally without any pain relief, using the breathing and visualisation techniques I had learnt.

And this was after THREE caesarean sections! So thank you Rachael. You helped me achieve what I had thought was impossible, and I’m forever grateful."


- Etty Field , The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme client , name and quote used with permission


"I was terrified. I wanted someone to tell me all is fine and progressing as it should be.  I chose Rachael to be my doula as she had a warm and caring character. Rachael has the right attitude one looks for in a doula. She is empathetic and knowledgable and extremely positive!
 Labour was not what I had hoped for and ended up in a C-Section, but our doula was really involved and kept us focused allowing us to ask the right questions and communicated with the midwives. There was an encouraging atmosphere, which was so beneficial especially for my partner. Rachael had great communication with the midwives and medical team.
Immediately after giving birth she was amazing, really good support, don’t know how I would have done without her. She made suggestions re latching and different positions. "


- Anca Antonov , Doula client , name and quote used with permission


" What I found most useful about the classes were the relaxation techniques , the constant positive reinforcement and the partner checklist . I learnt the physiology of birth and feel I have come away ready for the birth of my baby."


- Anonymous, The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme client


"Rachael Glass was wonderful. The best thing was she lived very near to my house and could reach me very quickly. When My pains started I called her and she was with me in no time. She knows her job very well and is a true professional . She stayed with me until my husband came  as he works far away. She took very good care of me. It was a big support. I am very glad I chose Rachael Glass.  She visited me a couple of times before delivery, and after delivery. She explained to me every thing very well. I would recommend her to anyone."

- Shazia Shah , Doula client , name and quote used with permission