Breech Birth / Breech Turn Session  

Perhaps circumstances have it that your baby is in a breech position and you are getting closer and closer to your due date ?


Maybe you have heard that there are ways which one can naturally turn a breech baby using hypnosis and you would like to learn about this ahead of your medical ECV (External Cephalic Version) ?

Perhaps you have found a doctor or midwife who will deliver your baby in a breech position  and you are  interested in building up your knowledge ahead of the time so that you are prepared for the birth?

I will now tell you some good news:  that The Wise Hippo Antenatal Education has designed a bespoke module specifically for breech birth antenatal preparation and for a breech baby hypnosis turn session !

R337 per couple for this added on module if already booked to do "The Birthing Programme".

R637 per couple for this added on module if NOT already booked to do "The Birthing Programme".

Booking Essential.