Hi , my name is Rachael. I understand that you are reading this today because, you perhaps, have something that you would like to learn about your pregnancy, birth or becoming a parent for the first or a subsequent time.

Would you agree that it would be great for you to feel confident and even (dare I say) excited for your upcoming birth, not wanting to actually bury your head in the sand like an ostrich , wondering , now that you are pregnant, how will you possibly get through this and get your baby out?

Potentially, you are wondering whether I can really help you feel more in control, calm and confident in early pregnancy , through pregnancy, labour, birth and for the care of  your baby once baby is born?

Am I right?

Do you have so many people giving you conflicting information out there, that you don't know where to turn and who to actually trust on your journey to parenthood?

Well, if you have answered yes to any of the above questions, know now that you have come to the right place and I welcome you and understand how you are feeling !

I am a mother of 7, including twins and I am passionate when it comes to supporting women  to feel confident and excited about their pregnancies, upcoming births and early parenting. 

I am passionate about supporting women, who are pregnant, with much success, to feel more in control of their birth by meeting with them before birth as their hired doula, empowering them and being their continuous support in labour and by sharing with many of my antenatal clients The Wise Hippo Education from The UK which builds confidence and gives real tools from bump to birth to baby care in those early parenting weeks.

And you may well be asking yourself, "Why should I choose you for the antenatal preparation classes?" or " Why should I choose to hire you for my birth doula? "

To be honest, if you have read this far, you are curious about what I have to offer, so I will go on now to tell you that it has been proven as a fact that hiring a doula increases your result of a positive birth outcome emotionally and physiologically, of having less medical interventions and thereby better outcome for baby's health.


And I will go on to tell you that The Wise Hippo has a statistically proven suite of programmes that I teach (you can check out what people are saying on The Wise Hippo Facebook group ) and along with my non-judgemental , nurturing approach and the learning experienced in a fun, relaxed environment, you (along with your partner) will experience a mind-shift towards inner serenity and confidence. This will enable you to feel calm and relaxed no matter what happens on the day , thereby ensuring you have The Right Birth on the Day for you and your baby.

I have worked in London, UK and now work in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

A Bit About Me


I trained as a doula with Nurturing Birth with one of their very inspiring trainers and went through the rigorous mentoring process with Doula UK and attained Recognition. I feel I have a lot to give and people say I have a very calming presence. I am available to support women positively in their pregnancies , births and postnatal journeys and choices. My philosophy is that a woman should birth according to her personal wishes and in an environment which doesn't disturb , but protects her and nurtures her , so that she can get on with the special task at hand , enabling her birth to blossom and bear the beautiful fruits of her labour of love .


I am trained and certified with The Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing Method and  am so excited to be teaching The Wise Hippo Antenatal Suite of Classes, which so passionately empower women with tools for the right birth for themselves and their babies.


Birth Workshops I have Attended:

Michel Odent's Breech Birth Midwifery Seminar - London

Doula UK Conference - London

Rebozo: solving Malposition in Pregnancy and Birth -London

Tongue-tie workshop - Essex, UK

Breastfeeding workshop with IBCLC - London

I am committed to professional development.